Coconut Water for Kids & Toddlers : Is coconut water healthy to drink?

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# is coconut water healthy for toddlers

Concerned parents want their kids to consume and drink healthy choices. Childhood obesity levels are soaring plus much more plus much more youngsters are in health crisis mode daily. Coconut water may help!

Packing your kid’s school lunch or sport snack is surely an opportunity to leave out the over-sweet “fresh fruit juices” which might be more sugar than natural fruit, and include a coconut water container of wholesome goodness.

Coconut water will be the purest liquid close to water. It is isotonic so that it easily slides in the body’s cells to hydrate and nourish in addition to water does. Plus CW has potassium, magnesium, other vitamins, and minerals that will help small (and big) bodies live in a nutritionally balanced state.

How early could you give coconut water to children? In Central and South American countries, everyone gets older drinking healthy coconut water. It especially is very important inside the hot tropical climates where dehydration can take place quickly. Those children do not think twice about creating CW an important a part of their day.

Read on the labels with the major bands of coconut water: organic and natural ingredients, lacking in sugar, loaded with nutrients, no artificial flavors, no chemicals. Show it for a pediatrician for confirmation that CW is better to your toddlers and kids to drink than soda, sugared “ade” drinks, and a lot of from the fake fresh fruit juices in your store shelves. Don’t drink too much; just add it as a daily drink. And if your son or daughter has food or nut allergies, talk this over with your doctor.

The plain coconut water might be a bit of an acquired taste for your kids (and yourself too), but most companies have introduced natural fruit puree-added flavors that entice younger palette. Also remember, kids are tuned into very sweet tastes and want to be weaned faraway from those choices.

Another excellent use for this liquid nectar happens when kids are sick. Trying to rehydrate a toddlers that is vomiting, owning a fever, or has diarrhea can be a struggle. How many parents run out to acquire the “pedia” drinks and then possess a locked-lips refusal to drink it? Coconut water has history as a rehydration drink for ill children in numerous countries.

Freezing coconut water into “ice pops” makes a refreshing treat especially using pineapple or mango flavored CW. Getting healthy and ill children in order to complete off an ice pop isn’t usually hard to do! This is a great “sneaky” way to get the kids to drink many drink healthy.

Adding coconut water into morning oatmeal or on cereal instead of milk, a splash on salads, or combined with soup stock are also methods for getting your kids the health benefits of CW without even knowing it. Smoothies appeal to the younger set too so improve their nutrition with CW of their “shakes.”


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All the major brands (VitaCoco, O.N.E., Naked, Harvest Bay, Zico) are available in small containers that suit into lunch boxes or diaper bags. O.N.E. (One Natural Experience) is here out with O.N.E. Kids, that is a mix of coconut water and fruit juice for active little bodies.

However you can get CW into your children, better health may be the goal. Taking these steps now will lead your youngster on the path of fine choices. Coconut water has become a healthy drink of choice for all ages all over the world. Isn’t it time introducing all your family members to this nutritious beverage?


Is Coconut Water Healthy For Weight Loss? You On The Right Way.

A benefit for coconut water that is frequently neglected, is the fact that it becomes an excellent weight reduction drink. Just about every time the truth is it within the press, it’s advertised as an isotonic sports drink that can naturally replenish the fundamental fluids and electrolytes that your body loses inside the course of training along with other activities.

How it can benefit those that need to those shed pounds isn’t usually covered.  First of all, it is a 100% natural beverage, created completely by i think mother nature. Assuming you’re looking for more organic foods and drinks to add to what you eat, this delicious beverage needs to be on your group of things to experiment with.

A amount of information that’s misleading if this come to the water of coconuts, may be the difference between that, and coconut milk. Though still healthy for you, coconut milk is really a far more concentrated method of getting oil, trans fats and sugar, and so, higher in calories.  Water from coconuts is gathered from small green coconuts prior to the water soaking up into the meat. After water starts dissipating inside meat, the fuller fluid forgotten will be the higher calorie coconut milk.

Coconut water, conversely, will benefit those who’re dieting or always maintain off undesirable pounds, since it is super lower in calories. An 8.5 oz serving recently has 45 calories.

A few reasons it’s very lacking in calories are because it’s of insufficient sugar and possesses no fat, or any trans fats. Due to the fact it’s 100% natural, there is absolutely no additional sugar. When measuring up water from coconuts with other athletic beverages and life-style products on the market, you’ll see there’s only 15 grams of natural sugar in every single serving, in comparison with over 30 grams of added sugar from the less healthful options.

Should you choose to give coconut water a spin, understand that it gives you all sorts of other many benefits aside from as an amazing weight reducing beverage.

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