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The Lurisia waters of both the Santa Barbara as well as the Pini spring are pure, healthy, light, perfect and safe. Pure because it has added from the top of Monte Pigna – at 1416 mt. above sea level – from an uncontaminated environment, definately not any possible source of pollution. Healthy due to Lurisia’s spa water and due to its natural qualities that make it beneficial to living organisms. Due to the low sodium content these are healthy. They are light along with the fixed residue content is within the lowest in Europe.They don’t weigh on the human body or on the environment. Water that is so perfect that most we have to do is bottle it directly from the origin in the same way it’s. All perform is give a little natural fractional co2 making it fizzy. They are safe simply because they are tested more than once every day inside our laboratories.

Bolle and Stille : A select jug finishes the best of convention and the development Made in Italy: lurisia stille water, the imagination of Sottsass Ass., the specialized capability of Guzzini, the glass of Verallia. Four superb brands for a result of one of a kind qualities. Stille is our characteristic level water.So Why You Must Chose Lurisia Sparkling Spring Water ?

While numerous individuals value the essence of mineral or shining water, an ever increasing number of individuals have as of late been doing the change to Lurisia Stille Non-Sparkling Water. The water is packaged nearby at the base of the Western Alps in Italy at an area that was first found in 1917 by Madame Curie, a Nobel-prize winning physicist and scientific expert. Lurisa’s Stille Non-Sparkling Water is unadulterated and light and has a settled deposit that is among the most minimal estimated in Europe. Also, the 1-Liter servings come in plastic containers ideal for hydrating in a hurry!

Lurisia: Discovered in 1917 at an elevation of 1460 m/4829 ft. the spring Fonte Santa Barbara di Lurisia is situated in Piedmont at the base of the Italian Western Alps. The characteristic light character of this normally unadulterated spring water settles on it the perfect decision for your every day drinking needs. Today the town of Lurisia is the site of a cutting edge hydrospa that has turned into a goal for people looking for wellbeing, excellence, and unwinding. For data identifying with water quality, including a filtered water report, proceed to contact: Acque Minerali S.r.l. Packaging Plant and Spring, Lurisia Terme 12088 – Roccaforte (CN) – Italy., Lusia USA: 1-800-348-Omni. Kindly reuse. Mineral substance 41 mg for every liter (ppm). Lurisia can be a substitute for your foremost wellspring of every day drinking water. Result of Italy.

Since its founded, Lurisia has been only packaged at its source, never purged, sifted or treated in any capacity.

Organization in mg/liter :

  • pH (at source) 6.9
  • Total Dissolved Solids 35.4
  • Calcium –
  • Magnesium <0.5
  • Sodium 2.7
  • Potassium 1
  • Bicarbonates 14.9
  • Sulphates –
  • Chlorides –
  • Nitrates –
  • Silica 15.2

The inherent qualities of this light spring water have been delighted in Europe for a long time, and since 1989 Lurisia has additionally been accessible in the United States. To buy Lurisia Sparkling Water, you can be found all through the world since we send out our items to all mainlands and because of the glass, the item safeguards flawlessly its characteristic characteristics.

The natural qualities of this light spring water have been delighted in Europe for a long time, and since 1989 Lurisia has likewise been accessible in the United States. Since its revelation, Lurisia has been solely packaged at its source, never cleansed, sifted or treated in any capacity.

Purchase Lurisia Alu Bolle Sparkling (11 oz) lurisia water price Online $44.99 as of late, there has been a major push for feasting ranch to-table, eating nearby and knowing where our nourishment is originating from. To contact lurisia water distributor please visit their web on or



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