Dragon Fruit rich of Vitamin and Water – The Wonder of Southeast Asia

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The name conjures up an impressive fruit, almost requiring courage to nibble on, and it’s really appearance is astounding and usually confirm this. Rather than a dragon, the fruit looks similar to a red and feathery bird of paradise or perhaps the most exotic of tropical flowers. Slicing it open in two reveals a translucent white gelatinous mass evenly distributed throughout with innumerable, tiny black seeds, which serves to reinforce the promise of wildly delicious fruit.

It might be served in a lot of ways but upon savoring the flesh it immediately becomes clear how the so-called dragon fruit is show instead of a contender in any respect within the contest of world’s most delicious fruits.

Currently there are 2 types of dragon fruit that are widely developed, namely dragon fruit with red and white flesh, because both versions have small black seeds that can be eaten.

Dragon Fruit is Good?

There is a superb reason behind this, for your dragon fruit is not a native to Southeast Asia and Taiwan, where it can be extensively cultivated, but rather referring from a desert flora like succulent local of Mexico and South America. Typical of fruits from succulents (there is certainly interesting ecological reasons behind this) the dragon fruit is watery, bland, and brimming with easily edible seeds. Unfortunately, though I have heard some describe the fruit as pleasantly fragrant and sweet like raspberries, (one wonders if their pockets were lined from the dragon fruit industry), I have mulled over numerous adjectives to the dragon fruit and also the best one I can develop, sorry to say, is tasteless.

Not the fruit doesn’t always have great value. Visually stunning, celebrate a superb garnish in almost any dining arrangement. For that matter, it may add exotic beauty to some floral arrangement at the same time. It’s fruit is visually intriquing, notable and cubed could possibly be used successfully when folded into fruit salads. Why it’s been ignored in its native climes and cherished in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Taiwan is anybody’s guest. But for a fruit to obtain the name dragon is very an honor indeed during these cultures.

But, in scient riset red dragon fruit contains vitamin B3 which can help moisturize the skin and release heat due to sunburn. If you get too much sun exposure and feel burning, just mix red dragon fruit juice with some cucumber or aloe vera. Apply this mixture to burning skin to calm and treat it.

If you like fruit dragon you can make it become juice or flavored dragon fruit water, but if you have no time for make it at home. Many company has sell the dragon fruit water like dragon fruit vitamin water. You can buy in amazon, Walmart etc.

There is dragon fruit vitamin water ingredients :

Reverse osmosis water, crystalline fructose, cane sugar, under 0.5% of: natural flavors, ascorbic acid (ascorbic acid), citric acid, vitamin b6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), dragonfruit extract, vegetable juice (color), magnesium lactate and calcium lactate and potassium phosphate (electrolyte sources), vitamin b5 (calcium pantothenate), taurine, zinc gluconate, vitamin b12 (cyanocobalamin), chromium polynicotinate.

You either get to choose the vitamin water bottle or the coke bottle. While their volume may differ your average consumer is just going to drink the bottle regardless and not stop at 12 ounces of VW in order to say they have consumed an equal amount of liquid by volume which is healthier.

Calories in Vitamin Water Dragonfruit based on the calories, fat, protein, carbs and other nutrition information submitted for Vitamin Water Dragonfruit.

Power-C is a berry seasoned Vitamin Water from Glaceau. Highlighting the kind of dragonfruit, this refreshment has been improved with Vitamin C and taurine (an amino corrosive, most celebrated for its utilization in caffeinated drinks). The flavor has a light berry taste with a somewhat unpleasant wrap up. The severity was a touch of an issue for us, yet in general, its a pleasant low calorie drink that will give you a lift when you require it.

So, what the dragon fruit benefits (water) :

1. Prevent premature aging,
2. Treating acne,
3. Healthy skin,
4. Moisturize the skin,
5. Healthy hair,
6. Able to reduce cholesterol,
7. Treating constipation,
8. Lowering blood sugar,
9. Improve cardiovascular and heart health,
10. Prevents anemia,
11. Maintain weight,
12. Prevent cancer,
13. Prevent congenital glaucoma,
14. Improve the immune system,
15. Good for pregnant women,
16. Strengthens bones and teeth,
17. Maintain the digestive system,
18. Antibacterial properties,
19. Reduces arthritis pain,
20. Good for dengue fever patients,
21. Increase appetite,
22. Improve vision,
23. Improve brain function,
24. Treating sunburn.

There is much of the dragon fruit’s Benefits, if you like dragon fruit in the form of water or juice. Why You buy? if you can make it at home.


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