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How’s Your Water Quality? Today?

Are NYC Drinking Water Quality is Good ?. Lets find them !. A few years back, I remember a really interesting piece with the news show 20/20 showing that bottled water was mostly just “marketing” with no substance. They create that which was the water equal to the “Pepsi Challenge” – stopping New Yorkers since they shopped, asking these phones taste several samples of water, while using video showing person after person actually choosing “New York City Tap Water” as their favorite, after their brand name bottled water alternatives.

The premise is OK – people chose depending on their taste preferences. The numbers weren’t disclosed and so they only showed the people that “preferred” the tap water for that video, however they made their point – or did they?

Just immediately, to know New York City drinking water quality. New York was mandated with the EPA to lessen the lead detected inside their public school’s plain tap water – the river inside the fountains, the river children drank every single day while attending classes. (If you’re a fan of irony, picture sending your children to school to learn and hearing to remain drinking something which lowers IQ!) Last week, there was a story about water quality in Cedar City, Utah – this time, they had detected excessive nitrate levels in the river and needed to lessen the crooks to legal limits. Nitrates in H2O cause what’s termed as “blue baby syndrome” in infants, and around is a thing to be avoided in H2O.

Did You Know About EPA

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Administrator Christie Whitman has declared that the most nitty gritty outcomes to date of progressing checking of savoring NYC drinking water quality give extra consolation that occupants and individuals who work inside the city are not being presented to contaminants, for example, asbestos, radiation, mercury and different metals, pesticides, PCB’s and microbes.

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So where am I using this? The water that we always neglect, water that is supposedly safe for people, every so often does test positive for contaminants which are known being damaging to us. There is no disputing it; there are chemicals in water, a lot of them – whether drugs from prescriptions, disinfection by-products from adding chlorine (as well as in Edmonton city water’s case, also incorporating ammonia,) fluoride (that is in the news a good deal nowadays then one people are now treating being a contaminant rather than a health benefit) – the thing is: precisely what is safe, at what level and what are the risks?


When I visit rural land owners (farms, acreages, etc.) with private wells – many times people drink the lake right from the well with no treatment in any way. “If it absolutely was safe for my Great Grandpa who dug the well century ago, it oughta be safe to me now!” – I hear all of this time. Problem is – there are about 10,000 new chemicals added to types annually now. There are literally numerous chemicals, drugs, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides which are sprayed, used plus rain down through the smog so prevalent nowadays. What was safe 100 years ago, 50 years ago, or perhaps 20 or 30 years ago will not be safe anymore.

Talking NYC drinking water quality report. New York City mineral water is world-renowned for the quality. Each day, greater than 1 billion gallons of fresh, clean water is delivered from large upstate reservoirs-some a lot more than 125 miles from the City-to the taps of nine million customers throughout New York state.

Municipalities of New York City might be slow to answer threats – often because there are so many things and we don’t even bother testing for. What it is dependant on may be the plain fact we don’t always know what is in our water – and with the rates of cancer currently being what they are, will it not be the better choice to be safe, invest a bit in prevention and make sure the river you and your family drink is merely traditional H2O? Not H2O plus a whole bunch of various other pieces we don’t know about, but assume being safe?

A recent study announced by CBC for N.Y.C drinking water supply and quality report discovered that 70% of bottled water was contaminated with bacteria and other health conditions. Most bottled water begins as tap water anyway with no law regulating the things they’re doing and do not want to do to the water you can purchase, what’s the alternative? What may be the safest action to take? We recommend water purification installed in the home. For pennies a glass, significantly less compared to the tariff of bottled, you may make your personal purified water, as you need it and possess treating precisely what is actually in your glass.


Our bodies are about 70% water – in my opinion, it’s wise to make sure it really is consists of the highest quality water available. There are so many risks we face daily in society – why make something as simple and necessary as safe, clean, pure normal water among those risks?



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