How to Purify Your Water For Drinking?, Cheap and Easy.

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how to purify borehole water for drinking

How to purify water for drinking, easy and cheaper.

We all know that we need clean pure water for our health. Doctors tell us to take 8-10 glasses of water daily. A human being can survive for more days without food but not without water. However, we are living in environments with lots of chemicals and impurities which are bad for our health. Buying bottled water is not cheap for a house hold and this is why we need to have our water purified at home. You can do it by yourself and save your dime.


How to purify your water?

This is very easy; you just have to distill the water. How do you do this? Get yourself a cheap distiller, pour there water, plug the distiller into the socket and switch it on. After some hours your water will be pure and ready to use!

  1. The water is manually poured into the distiller and then covered.

  2. After the distiller is switched on it will take about 6 hours (depending on the type of a distiller you are using) to have this water ready for use.

  3. Good quality distillers feature auto shut function so you do not have to wait.

  4. To complete the job, this water MUST be kept in a safe clean place.

  5. You have your clean, fresh and pure water ready for use.

What is distilled water?

This is water that is boiled and the steam or vapour condensed. The residues are left behind and just thrown away. This water is free from all sorts of chemicals and other impurities. This water has no taste; all the minerals, chemicals and contaminants are gone.

Benefits of using distilled water.

  1. It is very pure and fresh free from all chemicals and other impurities.

  2. It removes all the toxins in the body. All the chemical deposits in the joints, cells and wherever they might have been dropped are removed by distilled water. This therefore reduces or eliminates pain in the joints.

  3. The water is free from dangerous chemicals which are harmful to your body.


However; Distilled water is robbed of the minerals that you need in your body. It is so pure that all the important chemicals are gone after distillation chemicals like fluoride which prevents tooth decay are absent in this water.

In critical situations you can also make safe drinking water, for example in the wild or jungle. This is how to purify water for drinking in the wilderness ? if you in the jungle and then you Lost or Something happened to you perhaps this is the things you do to help your self to disinfect drinking water in the wilderness.


  1. Discover streaming water if at all conceivable. It is conceivable to disinfect still water, however streaming water is typically much more clean.
  2. Pre-channel the water through material. Take a firmly woven bit of fabric, for example, a handkerchief or shirt and gathering the corners together, framing a sack. Scoop this pack through the water and position it over your water holder. The fabric will go about as a crude channel, yet will just sift through particles about the span of what you can see.
  3. Begin the fire. Since you might not have tablets when you’re lost heat up the water to make it drinkable.
  4. Warmth the water until the point that it achieves a moving bubble. Leave the water at a moving bubble for ten minutes.
  5. Since your solitary water holder will most likely be your water bottle you’ll need to unscrew the cover so it doesn’t detonate from the steam weight.
  6. You ought to likewise suspend the jug with the goal that its base is a couple of crawls over the blazes. Ideally, this will keep the jug from totally dissolving.
  7. Following ten minutes the water ought to be sheltered to drink.


What then?

Water is not the only source of minerals. It is even argued by some scientific researchers that the minerals in the water are inorganic like calcium, iron and magnesium; our bodies can never use them. They are dead! We need organic minerals from vegetables, nuts, animals and so on. It is also argued that the inorganic minerals just increase debris in our bodies which needs cleansing. The body makes good use of the minerals we get from the food we eat. If you only depend on the minerals from your water, you are bound to lose it.


Way forward

If you are going to have your water purified by you, you need a distiller that is up to the standard and is going to give the best, which is faster and has good size on it. The distiller must be able to give you at least 4 gallons a day and must be portable. The distiller must be easy to use and can auto-shut off and you do not have to wait for it till water is ready. You can click on the link below for reviews on water distillers.


Action points

These are a few things I want you to do now!!!!!!!!

• Get yourself a good distiller (start saving for it if you don’t have the cash now)

• Start purifying your water from home.

• Store it in a clean environment.


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