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I was at the dispatch of an idea store in the new Ion Shopping Center a day or two days ago – (everyone living on the more noteworthy land mass of South East Asia will no uncertainty have found out about the working with enough computerized screens and spot lighting to make it`s own one of a kind carbon impression.)

We have all heard the urban legends of “new-money” oligarchs mixing maddeningly expensive Chateau Lafite Rothschild with Diet Coke, whilst ensuring that the Lafite bottle is displayed in full view of all the people in the restaurant.

We were providing the wines for the launch and I was bemoaning my fate for being relegated to the shallow end of the gene pool whilst oggling the million dollar coat hangers dragging $5 000 jackets along the floor of the runway…

It is a favourite sport of mine to wonder at the titanic power of famous brands and it reminded me of the British sitcom “Absolutely Fabulous” when that now world famous tai-tai Edwina blurted out to her friend – when asked what she was wearing – “It`s La Croix Sweetie!!”

The outfit she was wearing at the time looked like Liberace had thrown up all over her, but the point was made – if the label works – so does the product – this may be true for fashion but thank heavans, not so much in the wine world.

At the end of the day thankfully the world is becoming more and more confident of just buying what they like to drink and not what supposedly impresses others. I hope and trust that this trend grows more and more, and bring to an end the blind following of wine brands and labels that supposed critics flaunt or flog at will…


This is the best la croix flavors ranked in my version :


Turns out those Ocean Spray people recognized what they were doing! Two great components, apparently at chances, at the end of the day occupied with an extraordinary yet amicable move on your tongue. The sweetness is adjusted. The mouthfeel is smooth. The longing to perceive how this plays with vodka wouldn’t blur until the point when you try it out.


As one of only a handful couple of assortments you could without much of a stretch choose blindfolded, it’s no big surprise that Lime dependably is by all accounts the first to vanish from that brilliant pyramid show at Whole Foods. It has all the energetic refreshment of a lime-kissed vodka pop on a sweltering summer day, yet with no dread of judgment for drinking before lunch. It’s basic. It’s rich. It’s the standard against which all other LaCroix flavors ought to be estimated

best la croix flavor buzzfeed flavors

Melon Grapefruit (otherwise known as Melón Pomelo)

The smooth melon notes fly from the get-go, with a steady segue into a magnificently subtle clue of citrus that says “up your diversion, Pamplemousse, your particular stepbrother is beating you senseless!”


Ever take a taste of a wellspring Coke and understand the syrup supply ran short 10 clients prior? It resembles that, aside from it should be that way!

best la croix flavor buzzfeed

Blackberry Cucumber (otherwise known as Muré Pepino)

Cucumber: who knew?! LaCroix’s choice to give a veggie a chance to crash in on what was already a natural product party demonstrated very… productive. Obviously, it helps that there’s that recognizable berry nearness ensuring things don’t get excessively unusual. There’s more taste in here than a zero-calorie drink has any correct pressing, making it the ideal way to change over even the most solidified LaCroix cynic.

Pineapple Strawberry (otherwise known as Piña Fraise)

Have you at any point connected Lip Smackers while tuning in to the music of Jimmy Buffett? Me not one or the other, yet in the wake of drinking this, I have a truly strong think about what the experience may resemble.


In the event that orange pop was heroin, this would be a totally deficient measurements of methadone. The orange doesn’t pop almost to the level of a portion of its kin. In the event that your taste buds weren’t focusing you may think somebody slipped you a Pure.

best la croix flavor poll

Key Lime

LaCroix’s most up to date season has a tart and tart profile that will promptly please devotees of its prominent more established sibling, Lime, however the smooth and rich complete may trigger any individual who’s had the adversity of stalling out with a container of Coconut when the drinkable flavors in the cooler are no more. Dread not: The unobtrusive notes of Tropicália are only a recommendation of bright days under the cabana, not an unusual order. It’s an ideal center ground for the residence isolated between divergent tastes, and a commendable consideration to your basic need list whenever your radiance supply is kicked.

Peach Pear

The supposed pear is mysteriously gone, however the peach substance detonates into your nasal pit a long time before the well done even hits your tongue. Until the point that Mountain Dew takes off Peachocalypse Now or whatever, this is more or less exceptional peach-enhanced shining drinks. Affirmed!


Presently we’re getting to the well done! (Not the Best Stuff on Earth, however, gotta hit Snapple for that). Sufficiently apricoty to stand out enough to be noticed, yet not all that cloying as to overwhelm that quinoa bowl you’re mindfully getting a charge out of in your work area.

Apple Cranberry (otherwise known as Pomme Bayá)

Like a harvest time Yankee Candle fragrance in drink shape, yet by one means or another positively. Fill a half-unfilled jar of this stuff with some red wine and Thanksgiving will be fascinating.

Cherry Lime (otherwise known as Cerise Limón)

On the off chance that you at any point professed to have a sore throat to make sure you could pop Luden’s hack drops like treat to prop a sugar rush up for the duration of the day, you’ll esteem each ounce of this. The lime’s kinda avoiding you, however there’s no stress, since old recognizable cherry is there telling you it’s all going to be Fine.

In the description above just 12 Top brand best la croix flavor reddit what I think, in the huge market places, there are many kinds of this la croix flavor buzzfeed drink that tastes probably no less delicious and fresh.



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