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Kangen Water is delicious water made from Enagic’s innovative water technology. Not just do these gadgets channel your faucet water, however they additionally deliver ionized basic and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be utilized different purposes, including drinking, cooking, magnificence, and cleaning.


How does it rival alkaline water?

Kangen water is often a name constructed by Enagic Corporation for alkaline water manufactured by their water ionizers. Many people have improved their by drinking alkaline kangen water, but some more people have also improved their health by drinking alkaline water manufactured by quality Korean water ionizers that cost a lot below the Kangen water machine.


The Kangen Water Scam

Kangen water is simply different good name for alkaline water, and that means you receive the same many benefits that you get from drinking alkaline water but in a greater price! The fact is, the rewards that can from drinking alkaline water produced by the Kangen machine are worth paying a high income for, nevertheless the Kangen MLM machine is a lot not affordable. This is what leads many individuals to call Kangen water a scam. Other high-quality Korean brands generate the same sort of alkaline mineral hydrate water with even higher high negative ORP levels, but with a more sensible cost since the are not multi-level marketing (MLM) companies.


Enagic / Kangen Compared to Alka Prime

The AlkaPrime alkaline water machine makes healthy alkaline water at the fraction of the price you’ll pay for the kangen machine. Better yet, when comparing AlkaPrime to Enagic Kangen side-by-side, you can see that the AlkaPrime is the better machine:

As you can see, the AlkaPrime ionizer provides you with better filtration, a greater warranty, resulting in the identical pH and –ORP because kangen machine, but in a savings of $2285! That’s less than 50 % the buying price of the kangen machine.


Is Kangen Water Good For You

There are several great things about Kangen alkaline water. An individual can use alkaline ionized water in the home for assorted purposes. Among others such as household cleaning, cooking, personal care, pet care. Kangen water contains additionally a few components like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Kangen ionized water holds valuable components after filtration, not at all like other filtration frameworks, which sift through maybe the most fundamental minerals.

what is kangen water good for You


Some other Kangen alkaline water benefits are the following:

Free radical minimization

It is realized that alkalized water bolsters and advances the wellbeing and soundness of all the body organs. It is driven by its enemy of oxidant, poison rummaging properties. It is notable why these enemies of oxidants are decreasing the impacts expedited by toxins like disease and strokes. Free radicals are known to assault solid cells in view of the forceful synthetic nature, in this manner causing dangerous illnesses like malignancy and strokes.


Some studies show that alkaline water contains microclusters or exceptionally small water molecules.

General cleaning purposes

Most manufacturers are coming up with cleaning machines, e.g. floor cleaners, who use the strong, acidic water because the only cleaning agent. Swimming pool cleaners have also shifted from using harsh chlorine agents to acidic water to help keep the private pools clean.


As a universal solvent, water is instantly absorbed in body so that you can expel toxins and waste materials. Kangen alkaline water has negative oxidation -reduction potential, which helps with free radical’s neutralization and hydration of the body´s organs and tissues.

Environmentally friendly

Acidic Ionized water is currently being used in many institutions as well as other enterprises because of low pollution potential. Content of phosphates and other common pollutants is low; so it is an environmentally friendly mean for cleaning.


Scientific important things about purified water include also support of wellness and longevity. Natural advantages of taking water are increased through alkalinity. It reduces degenerative diseases by inhibiting process of getting older while strengthening the disease fighting capability. When alkalinity is attained, wellness and physiological advantages of water are achieved.

Acidic water can be used personal hygiene, general cleaning purposes, and it is beneficial to our environment.

Hydration and drinking

Alkaline normal water increases body hydration, because it carries a better taste and superior mouth feel. The body readily absorbs water, and yes it decreases the bloated feeling brought on by mineral water.

Personal hygiene

In Asia, acidic water is referred like a Beauty water which enable it to supply effectively being an external cleaning agent, e.g. for bathing and cleansing.

Finally, Kangen alkaline water is quite only to use: water-supply pipe of Kangen water machine fits on the lake faucet without taking up much space and needs hardly any maintenance, except replacement water filters hour and hour. In addition, it really is less costly than buying bottled water.

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