What Happens If You Drink Too Much Water

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“JENNIFER STRANGE (28 years), a lady from California passed on subsequent to partaking in a drinking water challenge supported by a neighborhood radio in California (2007). He figured out how to drink and burned through 2 gallons of water, proportional to 7.6 liters of water in the challenge. From the consequences of the examination, Strange devoured excessively and quick water with the goal that different supplements in the body broke up. ”

In rare cases, something happens when you drink too much water a child who drinks too much water can develop a disorder called water intoxication, which could cause seizures or even a coma. Water intoxication occurs too much water dilutes the concentration of sodium by the body processes, upsetting the electrolyte balance and causing tissues to swell.


Is Drinking Too Much Water Bad For You

Water is a noteworthy requirement asset for the body, on the grounds that our bodies are generally made out of water. Overall, every individual has 60% of his body weight. The body needs water to supplant diminished body liquids when we are dynamic. Some are lost when we move as perspiration, pee, or tears.

In the event that you quit drinking water when you quit feeling parched, you are not in danger for overdosing on water or creating hyponatremia.

There is a slight deferral between drinking enough water and not feeling parched any longer, so it’s conceivable to overhydrate yourself. On the off chance that this occurs, you’ll either upchuck the additional water or else need to urinate. Despite the fact that you may drink a great deal of water in the wake of being out in the sun or working out, it’s by and large fine to drink as much water as you need. The special cases to this would be infants and competitors. Infants ought not drink weakened recipe or water. Competitors can stay away from water inebriation by drinking water that contains electrolytes (e.g., sports drinks).

In spite of the fact that water is required, be watchful while devouring water, in such a case that most will adversy affect the body. Among them will harm the kidney and even the most lethal impacts, for example, passing. Exercise Associated Hyponatraemia (EAH) report takes note of that there are around 1600 instances of death worldwide because of drinking over the top water.


What happens when you drink too much water? And how much drinking is too much.

what happens if you drink too much water


  1. Harming Blood Composition.

Blood has a blood plasma with a physiologically estimated level of blood consistency in the body. When you drink a great deal, it is expected that it will meddle with blood consistency. All the more extensively it will upset the circulatory framework in our body.


  1. Increment the measure of blood volume.

On the off chance that the blood volume expands it will meddle with the execution of the heart and our vein framework (shut framework). The expanded volume of water will concur with expanding weight on the shut vascular framework. This condition will make the kidney organs buckle down to diminish the measure of water in the blood course in the body.


  1. Enhance kidney execution than it should.

The body has a kidney whose capacity is to sift through any liquid that enters the body. Kidney work as this channel organ is in the glomerulus. In the event that a considerable measure of fluid must be separated, the weight gotten by the kidney will be significantly more prominent. On the off chance that this is time after time the glomerulus can be harmed which causes different kidney sicknesses.


  1. The body has hyponatraemia.

Hyponatraemia is an irregular condition in the body, where blood is inadequate in sodium levels (salt levels). The kidneys are not ready to channel rapidly. Sodium is an electrolyte mineral that controls the measure of water in and around body cells. On the off chance that you drink excessively water, it will make sodium in the body end up watery. Sodium or sodium is one of the vital minerals for the body, as a protect for salt levels in the blood.


  1. Cell swelling

This cell swelling because of an expansion in sodium levels in the body can trigger issues. At the point when this happens to cerebrum cells it can cause medical issues. Sodium inadequacy or insignificant hyponatraemia can cause sluggishness. However, in the event that it happens rapidly, this sodium lack can result in water inebriation which results in sickness, visit (pee), mental confusion, swooning, seizures, disabled mind stem, weakened respiratory framework, and even passing. Inebriation (or water harming) is a further consequence of coagulating in these cerebrum cells which is an electrolyte lopsidedness.


  1. Instances of water harming (water inebriation).

Otherwise called hyper-hydration or overhydration, is a potential issue in mind work that happens when electrolyte balance is irritated by devouring excessively water. The case experienced by Jennifer Strange toward the starting, making her experience trance like state and sudden demise because of mind swelling. This condition is very uncommon in the all inclusive community, however high hazard happens in long-remove competitors or marathon sprinters. Competitors ought to expend sports drinks amid preparing or rivalries. This water harming can likewise happen because of the threat of unhygienic refill drinking water.


Tips for drinking water. So what is the really true about your Question “how much water do i need to drink?”, this is the explain :

  • People are encouraged to drink 8 (eight) glasses of water or around 2 liters of water multi day to address the issues of the fluid. Many aren’t right in interpreting it, at that point drinking in vast amounts without a moment’s delay. As far as wellbeing this isn’t suggested on the grounds that it will make blood volume increment, which will load crafted by the heart and kidneys. The heart will pump blood quicker, and the kidneys will be compelled to channel it rapidly.
  • The accompanying tips can be utilized to address water issues every day.
  • Drink enough water and normally. Not all that much and not very little. Harmony between water prerequisites and body liquids amid exercises, light exercise, or strenuous exercise, for example, marathon running.
  • Drink No Time. At the point when prescribed to devour 2 to 4 liters of water for each day, rather than expending it in the meantime. This sum is as yet included with the measure of water in sustenances or beverages that contain bunches of water, for example, soup, stock, drain, water in organic product, or unadulterated beverages.
  • Drink Gradually. Drink water slowly, not at the same time. For instance, 1 (one) glass when morning dozes, 1 (one) glass at breakfast, 1 (one) glass at lunch, 1 (one) glass at supper, 1 (one) glass at sleep time.
  • Each People Are Different. How much drinking is too much? Recommendations for devouring 2-4 liters of water for each day just apply to solid individuals. The individuals who have medical issues like kidney sufferers must breaking point the measure of water devoured so they are not all that much.
  • Try not to Wait for Thirst. While doing sports, don’t need to sit tight until another hunger for drinking. So despite the fact that you haven’t felt parched and hungry, continue eating and drinking. If not paid attention to it will be extremely unsafe.
  • Beverages When Sports. When you don’t work out, somebody needs to drink enough. We prescribe that in this condition drink just water. The beverage was not hot and furthermore not cool.
  • Try not to Drink Excessive Sports. When working out, the antidiuretic hormone vasopressin will increment. The body will tend to hold water in the body so it doesn’t get out much. When we drink heaps of water, there won’t be much pee. On the off chance that you devour excessively water, the outcome will be lethal on the grounds that it occurred.
  • Home grown prescription. Individuals who take home grown pharmaceutical are instructed to drink bounty with respect to water. Numerous natural solutions contain macromolecules which can meddle with the filtration work in the kidneys.


A considerable lot of us who drink abundance water since we need to take however much advantage as could reasonably be expected. Coherently playing, the more water the water will flush out all buildups in the kidneys. Despite the fact that water needs per individual are altogether different relying upon specific conditions, for example, physical movement, climate, eat less carbs, weight, sexual orientation and wellbeing conditions. As you get more established, your kidney condition is getting unique. Drink as per the necessities and states of every one of us.

Joseph Verbalis of Georgetown University Medical Center and International Marathon Medical Directors Assocition (IMMDA) proposed drinking to treat your thirst. “Toast your thirst. It’s the best pointer. Thirst and thirst are the correct markers that we have to drink. Drink water when you are parched and parched, and drink enough water in light of the fact that because of absence of drinking can likewise negatively affect wellbeing.




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