How Much Water Should I Drink Each Day, Eight (8) Glasses?

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Many patients come to see me complaining of visiting the bathroom often because they love to drink a great deal of water to purge their body/system and enquire of me to enable them to decrease urinary frequency. What can I do for them, and exactly what can they are doing for themselves? Please keep reading.

“How Much Water Should I Drink Every Day?” is a huge common question everywhere in daily conversation. As well, to drink a great deal or at least 8 glasses per day in order to purge it has changed into a ubiquitous wise personal and professional advice from friends, relatives, medical professionals and offices, magazines, newspapers, TV or radio talk shows, and also the Internet. How true and valid are these claims notion and advice? Is it therapeutically or by and by or just socially right? And should we drink lots of water even though we’ve got no thirst, resulting in urinate often? To address this dilemma, let’s critically examine the next two questions:

  1. Are there any mammals on our planet like humans previously being taught to drink plenty of water? As I are conscious of or when you probably would agree to, there is none but human beings.
  2. Where did we discover and discover the information about water and electrolyte regulation originally? Was it straight from human bodies or elsewhere? The truth is from animals in research laboratory like dogs, pigs, monkeys, while others.


There after which, we identified the place and function of pressure and chemical sensors for water and electrolyte regulation, and the way they help us. These well-known sensors exist in the hormonal, circulatory, and neurological systems to supply their delicate automation regulating water and salt. Thereby, we sense thirst as mammals do. All mammals depend upon the natural a feeling of thirst to choose when and how much they have to drink for survival and growth. And they actually do; they’ve done well. Are we individuals really any different from these mammals with this element of life?

Based for the above understanding, how many ounces of water should you drink per day? I don’t advise my patients to drink a good deal. Instead, I get them to respect and hear what their tell them to complete closely and respectfully. In other words, we drink if we feel thirsty. However, I do recommend the patients with the subsequent medical conditions to drink more:

  1. Recurrent urinary stone disease,
  2. High-output kidney failure,
  3. No or low anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) on account of harm to pituitary gland on the middle low spot with the brain,
  4. Poorly controlled diabetes mellitus (high blood sugar),
  5. Indwelling catheter externally on the urinary bladder or kidney(s),
  6. Gross hematuria (visibly gross bloody urine) from any causes,
  7. On special medications using a should minimize stone formation and kidney /bladder damage,
  8. Excessive sweating under unduly high-temperature environment, warm weather and/or strenuous, vigorous physical activities.


Now, we ought to possess a reasonably clear idea concerning simply how cups of water we really must drink per day. In general, consume water if we feel thirsty. If the amount of water we drink exceed what our bodies need, of no choice, we now have to make more urine for self protection so we now have to urinate more often.


However, when we require drinking greater than what our bodies need, we have to graciously endure the inconvenience of traveling to bathroom more often. Generally speaking, as long as we can empty our bladder which has a steady continuous flow and a satisfactory control, and have a very normal urinalysis, our bladder needs to be rolling around in its health. I hope the aforementioned discussion providing a realistic perspective and insight to answer the concern of ” how many bottles of water to drink a day?”.



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